Monday, 20 July 2015

Mak rindu kt adik..30 hb Januari 2015 ..tanggal 30 setiap Januari akan sentiasa membuatkan mak sedih sepanjang hayat.

Ptg 20 Jan pkl 4.00 adik cium pipi kiri mak..
Adik minta ampun dan pesan" Mak jgn lupa ampunkan Ejatt na"..
Mak dengar ayat tu klr dr mulut adik sejak seminggu tp mak minta maaf..mak x sedar dik Jatt akan pergi tinggalkan mak selama- lamanya..

Dik Jatt tahu dak ..tak ada selang sehari pun mak x menangis..
Mak menangis bukan kerana mak tak redha dengan ketentuan Allah..
Redha dengan ujian yg seberat ini Allah beri dekat mak..
Mak menangis setiap hari sebab mak terlalu rindukan adik..
Mak rindu ndk tgk adik membesar seperti Amir..
Kamu berdua dilahirkan bersama tetapi ditakdirkan tidak dapat membesar bersama- sama.

Monday, 18 February 2013

17th feb..

Preparing the PKG's balapan  and padang for 21 school is a great task..
All the procedures and all the formal letters makes you feel like vomating.
You know what?this coming Wednesday is also the School Merentas Desa...full of presures and headache head is spinning like a wheel .
Next Sunday until Monday I have to be at the Stadium..
"kelabu asap' dah the skin...huhuu..

saturday 16th...

Tring to get up early as to send "W'to her university .
What happened was after the subuh's prayer,I try to have a nap but it turned out to be at 10.30 the eyes starts rolling up...hehehee..
Having breakfast at Mergong and withdraw another "K"s for the registartion of her final year..
That's life..someone hates you but at last you are the one who have to sacrifice everything for her studies..

Friday, 15 February 2013


Que sara..sara...what  ever will be will be...that's the journey of life I'm in...

an adventure through life...

Becoming a step mother at the age of 21 like a bird flying through the breeze of soon as you stop to take a'll find out thats the life ahead of you like a razor that cuts your heart..

a little miserable but that's life..

What am I going to write?
About life?
Two days marriage is at the peak of a mountain!Guess what?
All because of the BR1M 250..accusing me of hiding the "A"s check..whats the use of hiding it since in my account there's more than 20K..??..Allah the Almighty at that day shows me that whatever u have done to them,your sacrifices of money,making loans so they can further their fact I still remember that I have to rush back and withdraw all the money from my own  tabung haji for the registration of "W"s university and the expenses of clothes and everything..
But now they are accusing me of hiding the check that worth only RM250??
Have you heard the istilah "mcm kacang lupakan kulit??"
I'll will remember what you did to me for the rest of my life..
Remember   " All that goes up will comes down" and life is like the rowing wheels..
Whether you try to love them as your own they will bite your hands at last..